Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Web Design :: Print 2 Pack

Web Design Made for : Print2Pack
URL : www.print2pack-expo.com
Design Only
"Printing & Packaging" Expo 2009 tidak hanya bertujuan untuk menampilkan kecanggihan teknologi terkini mengenai industri cetak dan kemasan kepada pangsa pasar Surabaya dan Jawa Timur saja, melainkan juga bertujuan untuk mempertemukan solusi dan kesempatan bisnis percetakan dan pengemasan di Indonesia Timur, seperti Bali, Sulawesi, Ambon dan Irian.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Web re-Design :: Cempaka Tours

Web re-Design Made for : CEMPAKA TOURS
URL : www.cempakatours.com
E-Commerce website for Tour and travel.
Using PHP, MySQL, search engine and admin page.
Cempaka Tours memberikan berbagai pilihan dan konsultasi bagi Anda yang merencanakan untuk melakukan perjalanan wisata baik domestic maupun internasional.
Kami persilakan untuk memanfaatkan Tour dan Hotel Search engine untuk menemukan paket wisata dan hotel yang sesuai dengan budget dan keinginan Anda.

Logo :: Digital Solusindo

Logo & Name card made for : Yudi (Digital Solusindo)
The logo consist of 'd' and 's' for 'Digital Solusindo'
Shaped like '8' which is bring good luck in Chinese Myth
IT Solution Company

Web Design :: TRG WiMAX Indonesia

Web Design Made for : TRG WiMAX Indonesia
URL : www.trg.co.id
TRG Research Center is a subsidiary of Indonesian Tower group, a leading telecommunication infrastructure provider in Indonesia. Supported by world-class, fully-dedicated engineers, TRG has developed Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) equipment. In mutual cooperation with world-leading Electronic Manufacturer Services, TRG produces reliable and competitive products.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Drawing :: Cute Kielle

Cute Kielle

Made for : Joel


Such a cute name for a cute girl...

Actually she is Joel's daughter...
He ask me to do some commission project..


Done in Illustrator and photoshop.
For the BG it was my wall collection.. sorry i dont know where i grab that...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flyer :: MM = MusicMail

Made for : telkom

Add some music to your email and send it to your relatives.. :)

Flyer :: MM = ManggaMuda

Made for : ManggaMuda

Manggamuda : Cuma disini imajinasimu dapat terwujud..! ^^

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Printing :: Form Member Jazzy Net

Made for : Jazzy Net
Jazzy Net is a cyber cafe in Jogjakarta.Want to be the best cyber Cafe in Jogjakarta and Indonesia
Here's the form to be part of Jazzy Net as a member
a lot of facilities ahead.. :)

Drawing :: Naruto Doing Jutsu

Made for Me :)
Tools :
- Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Color)
- Adobe Illustrator CS2 (Outline)
- Pentool and Graphic Tablet
click HERE to see the finished wallpaper

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mascot :: Jessie from Jazzy

Mascot made for : Jazzy.net

Jazzy Net is a cyber cafe in Jogjakarta.
Want to be the best cyber Cafe in Jogjakarta and Indonesia
Name : Jessie
Fax Music : Jazzy
Hobby : Browsing Internet

Printing :: Fun Mobile Auction

Made for : Fun Mobile Auction
postcard Size

Some kind of new auction, but the price is really cheap for the such expansive prizes.
Fun Mobile Auction is cooperation of Telkom Flexi


NewsLetter :: My Hobby Town

NewsLetter made for : My Hobby Town

MyHobbyTown (MHT) will inform to their customer everytime there's New Item or mabe New Events that MHT will join the bazaar.

click HERE to see the actual and last published NewsLetter

Web Design :: My Hobby Town

Web Design Made for : My Hobby Town
E-Commerce website for Anime and Japanese hobbies.
Using PHP, MySQL and admin page.
Fulfil your anime and hobby needs

Drawing :: Avatar Men & Women

Made for : ManggaMuda

Manual skecth and colored by Adobe Photoshop CS2
big eyes... O_O

Web Design :: Mangga Muda

Web Design Theme for : ManggaMuda
Almost every month, there is a theme in ManggaMuda.
For example, here is the Korean Theme and Valentine theme in ManggaMuda.
Have you join this e-community ?


Made for you

Happy Chinese New Year, for the year of RATS...
but some say, the person whom born in the same year in this case RATS, might have badluck.. thats why i have accident on my own year... ^^;

Gong Xi

Printing :: ManggaMuda Ads

Made for ManggaMuda & Live 9268

Live 9268 :
Selling content such as wallpapers, ringtones, java games and movie

ManggaMuda :
E-community yang di ambil dari korea yang membernya dapat mengatur avatar serta blogging.

Drawing :: Naruto Sexy no Jutsu

Made for Me :)

Tools :
- Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Color)
- Adobe Illustrator CS2 (Outline)
- Pentool and Graphic Tablet

click HERE to see the finished wallpaper

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ManggaMuda Advertisement Campaign

Made for ManggaMuda online community
Advertisement including :
- Poster
- Flyer
- Name Card
- Stationary
- 1 Manggo Mascot
- 2 Characters Female & Male

Logo : Caprin Milk

Logo Made for : CAPRIN MILK

Milk splash shaped like a crown to show the goat is king or high quality goat for producing high quality milk.

Caprin milk good for health :)

Email BGM on Plasa.com

Web Design made for www.plasa.com

The first email that you can choose the music background while your friend read the messege / information that you send.
Its also used www.telkom.net , but I make the color theme blue. :)

My Hobby Town Advertisement

I ♥ Manga

So why not making advertising with Manga.. :)
visit www.myhobbytown.com for Fulfil all your anime and hobby needs

Rumah Mote Neon Box

Neon Box, made for Rumah Mote, a hobby store about button at Bintaro.
Visit there to meet your colorful and nice accessories. :)

TRIEKA Labs Website

Website Design used for : TRIEKA Labs
URL : http://www.trieka.co.id/labs

Design done in photoshop, using PHP language and a CMS based Admin page.
Consist of :
- News
- Facilities
- Services
- About us
- Contact us form

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ichiban Crepes Website

Website Design used for : Ichiban Crepes
URL : http://www.ichibancrepes.co.id/

Design done in photoshop, using PHP language and a CMS based Admin page.
Consist of :
- About Us
- Menu
- Catering
- Merchandise
- Photo Gallery
- Guest Book
- Location
- Licence Form, and
- Contact Form

Browse there and find all the "looks Yummy" Crepes inside :9

Ichi From Ichiban Crepes

Name : Ichi
Age : 14 years old
Hobby : Creating Games
Fav. Meal : Nipponia Cheese Cake Crepe
Fav. Drink : Ice Lemon Tea

Background :

Meet Momo, Mascot from Ichiban Crepes

Name : Momo
Age : 11 years old
Hobby : Making crepes
Fav. Meal : Sakura Delight Crepe
Fav. Drink : Mineral Water

Background :
"FUN". It is one word to represent her personality. Momo is the only one grand daughter from the founder of Ichiban Crepes, thats why she is so good in making and baking crepes. Even now she is 11 years old, she already created new menu for Ichiban Crepes. It named "Sakura Delight"

Here's the LINK of blinking animated Momo.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photo Edit :: Happy Birthday Mom...~

Photo Edit made for : My Mom
Charicature style photo edit.
Using Adobe Photoshop CS2.
Happy Birthday for the most beautiful Mom in the whole world. ^^

Friday, April 25, 2008